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The HUD and minimap

Today we have to turn in our game-play for dinocalypse. We have been working hard all week to have the functionality in. Sound Effect integration went nice and smooth. The AudioManager was ready and had all the functionality to make all the music and sounds work with the game. After integrating that, I took ever the HUD and the minimap. The HUD was pretty straight forward, and didn’t present many problems, it was just a matter of tedious work to get everything to render in the right place.
The minimap on the other hand, presented a bit more of a challenge. For some reason our exporter was inverting the Z-axis, and everything in the world is mirrored. All the objects that are supposed to be on the left of the map are on the right and vice versa.

To show that the player is taking damage, I made 3 red semi-transparent images, each with more red than the previous and getting closer to the center. When the player starts taking damage, I overlap these textures on top of each other to simulate a gradient of hurt levels. I can detect what the level of ‘hurt’ is, and communicate this to the player by making the screen more red or less red.

This is the second iteration of the HUD. A little has changed. The player hurt images arent crayon drawn anymore.





The first prototype build

For the untrained eye, this will look ugly and simple, but it represents hours of code and debugging. We have basic functionality in our engine, and in order to test it, we need placeholders; that’s why it looks kind of ugly.



Working with the Wwise Sound Engine.

So this week I have been implementing the sound banks for the games. We decided on Wwise because of all the features it offers. It has the ability of setting all the behaviors in the authoring tool, and trigger those behaviors with code inside the game engine. Getting used to the terminology and learning the C++ API has been the most challenging part so far.

I succesfully integrated sound effects to the game and baground music for different Game States. In case you were wondering, this is what WWise looks like:




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