Monthly Archives: January 2012

Animation System in place

We have success! Our animation system is complete after many hours of intimidating the code to work properly. Our wizard graphics programmer Jacob “Charles” Morris seemed happy after the first animation appeared on screen. We want to share our  happiness:

Other things that happened today: I got my particles exporting and importing to a XML file. This may look like the matrix to someone else, but to the trained eye, it is beauty in the form of a file.

New Base Core Asset and Particle Effects!

Our great artist Jordan just gave us the new updated Base Core that you need to defend in order to win the game. Also some testing with Orbital Strike was done. I managed to get particles in the game, and have been playing around with some special effects.



I implemented the Particle system using Direct X’s Point Sprites and flyweight pattern. The emitters can be changed to have different behaviors. The variables I included for customizing the particles include: Particles Size, Life, Speed, Gravity, and Color. All of these parameters take in a Min value and a Max value; then the emitter randomizes between the Min and Max values for each particle it emits, that way we can have variety and “random” particle emission.

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