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A Better SlideView for Corona SDK

I was making an app that needed 2 SlideViews on the same scene, but there  is a problem with the sample code for a SlideView in Corona SDK: You can only have one SlideView per scene.

I modified the code to make the SlideViews independent from each other, enabling the creation of more than one instance for a single scene.

This simple tutorial will guide you on how to create a GroupObject that contains images to slide through, and implement the “touch” listener that will scroll through the images.

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Creating Games with Corona SDK

I recently started used Corona SDK to create mobile games that run on Android and Iphone. Corona SDK uses Lua Scripting language to do its magic. Corona lets you focus on the gameplay aspects of game creation. The tutorials on their website are excellent and the community continues to grow.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 11.03.39 AM

I have created a menu system using coronas Storyboard that automatically releases the previous scene. I will be creating a tutorial for the process soon.


Pong Networking Client/Server

Hey wassup, just got done with the client side for a pong online game using UDP. Check it out:

It’s a simple pong game that bounces a meatball between two players. The server sends updates of the game state to all of the clients, which send messages about changes in the players input. Got the server side half way complete.

Update: Client side working with sequencing, YAY!

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