Bitmap Font with Corona SDK

I created a Bitmap Font implementation using Corona SDK. This Lua module enables you to use a single sprite sheet as a font. Writing a string with your own custom game font is easy!

You can download the source code here

Here is a screenshot:

Corona Bitmap Font

A bitmap font using Corona SDK and Lua

How to change delay for Dock autohide – OSX

A nice trick to make the autohiding mac Dock appear almost instantly.

  1. Open Terminal.app
  2. Type in this command:

defaults write com.apple.Dock autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock

If you ever want to revert these changes and get the delay again, use this command in the terminal:

  1. Open Terminal.app
  2. Type in this command:

defaults delete com.apple.Dock autohide-delay && killall Dock


Git Success

Found a very good Git article,

It recomends using 2 branches: master and develop. All integrations and work happen on the ‘develop’ branch. Once the code is good, it gets merged into ‘master’.

This is a great diagram showing the workflow for a given project with git version control.


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A better NSLog!

While using objectiveC, try this macro to get detailed information with each NSLog, like line number, function name. It takes multiple arguments and can replace NSLog without a problem. Here is the macro:

The resulting console log will look something like this:


A Better SlideView for Corona SDK

I was making an app that needed 2 SlideViews on the same scene, but there  is a problem with the sample code for a SlideView in Corona SDK: You can only have one SlideView per scene.

I modified the code to make the SlideViews independent from each other, enabling the creation of more than one instance for a single scene.

This simple tutorial will guide you on how to create a GroupObject that contains images to slide through, and implement the “touch” listener that will scroll through the images.

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