Dinocalypse can be found at: www.dinothegame.com

My initial design for the environment.

The base core would be located in the center and would be attacked from all directions. Later on, we decided to locate the base against a mountain, to give the user a sense of direction, as well as cover. We made this decision because we didn’t want the player to feel overwhelmed and disoriented when massive amounts of dinosaurs are being spawned.

Screenshot of early development stages, testing my particle engine.

Game-play View Prototype

This was our initial idea of what the boss fight with Big Nasty would be like. This was quickly prototyped in Google 3D Sketchup using meshes found on the internet. This helped   the team visualize what the game would feel like from a game-play perspective, without even having to start coding.

The “Commander” concept art:


Boss Fight Gameplay


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