Storyboard from the player’s perspective.

This week we have been working hard on creating a storyboard for what the player might be experiencing in the game. These prototypes and concepts were done with Google Sketchup and Paint .NET

With these concept art pieces, we try to get a feel of what the game looks like from the player’s perspective. Its important to think of the game from the eyes of the person that is going to be playing, so we can pay close attention to the details that the player might notice from his camera perspective. Also we try to sketch up everything the player might experience, like dying, shooting, running, etc.


Dinocalypse! Game in progress…

GP Games has given us the green light for Dinocalypse, a 3d Shooter-Tower Defense student game project. The whole studio started working on concept art and game flow ideas, and after 3 weeks of hard work, he have come up with a really fun concept for a videogame.

Dinocalypse is a frantic 3rd person tower defense located on a prehistoric planet where a colony of Space Marines struggle to survive against hordes of ravenous dinosaurs.

As Captain, you will protect your base by engaging dinosaurs with your pulse rifle and placing defensive structures. As the fight continues, the player can upgrade his weapon and structures to better defend the base. Should the player be overwhelmed, he can call down an orbital strike to help clear out the area.

Pong Networking Client/Server

Hey wassup, just got done with the client side for a pong online game using UDP. Check it out:

It’s a simple pong game that bounces a meatball between two players. The server sends updates of the game state to all of the clients, which send messages about changes in the players input. Got the server side half way complete.

Update: Client side working with sequencing, YAY!


Its all fun and games until someone looses an eye.


Awsome shortfilm, only 9 minutes long. She is angry at him because he takes everything too far… And she falls for chocolates.

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