This is a Pix6t4 portable gaming system. This kit comes with all the parts you need to build it, except the SD card where the games are stored. It also includes all the source code for a few games, so its very easy to learn how to program the hardware and control the screen.

To ensemble it, you will need a soldering iron, a sponge. The kit is pretty easy to build, and there’s even a step by step instructional video to follow for people that don’t have much experience. This is a great starter kit for someone that wants to learn electronics and programming.

I put the whole thing together in one day using a soldering iron and a third hand for support.

The kit and instructional video can be found on http://www.pix6t4.com/ great at guiding you through the process. I really recommend it for people that want to learn about hardware and programming video games. It is fully programmable as it has a Netduino mini controlling it. Netduino uses the .NET framework and can be coded in C#. C# is a great OOP language to start learning game programming.

I need to get a replacement speaker because I accidentally broke one of the contacts and it wont make any sound.



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